.about nanobile

is an emerging player in the IoT traffic solutions game, however we are here to disrupt the business. We offer cheap, eco-friendly and reliable solution for overcrowded and complicated parking systems.

our core values

Our Hardware and software solutions are tailor made to serve wide range of users and systems. Our teams pride themselves with tested and perfectly deployed products that are there to provide easy and secure traffic experience.

We utilize wide range of recycled materials and renewable energy sources with our devices. One of our ongoing goals is to lower the impact that we and our users have on our planet.

One of our key directions of development is constant improvement and investment into research and development projects. With excellent product comes desire to improve on it constantly, and this is exactly what we do.

As disruptors and innovators in IoT space we tend to do a lot of thinking on how to innovate and expand our knowledge and how to educate the public on various subjects regarding IoT, sustainability and emerging tech.

out mission

To be at the absolute forefront of the innovation of the traffic control and automation systems.


.project idea stage
.working prototype and testing
.company formation
.prototype web and mobile application
.pilot project negotiations
.pilot project implementation
.worldwide offering

our team

Bogdan Ciric Founder & CEO

Dragan Ilic CTO

Mihajlo Dumitraskovic CMO

David Gabor Software Developer

Ognjen Ciric Software Developer

Silard Gal Robotics Engineer

Marko Ivanov Mechanical Engineer

Robert Foley Advisor

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