.nanobile Business Smart Parking Management System

.nanobile offers to Business to Business (B2B) smart parking solutions that are aimed at privately held and controlled parking structures and parking lots.

We cater to both closed and open-air parking by providing our in-ground sensors, bollards, above-ground sensors, barriers and lights for marking occupied parking spots within parking garages.

All of or state-of-the-art sensor arrays and physical products are backed up by innovative and user-friendly software for both types of end-users - parking owners and parking users.

.nanobile’s parking system enables easier parking flow, payments, maintenance and efficiency for privately-owned parking.

Request our demo of the control dashboard and see for yourself how the nanobile Business to Business parking solution can help your parking become more streamlined and profitable.

Our client web solution offers features like:

  • Real-time Parking and Traffic overview
  • Payments and Users Insights
  • In-detail parking usage
  • In-detail revenue insights
  • In-detail traffic overview
  • CO2 air quality insights
  • Settings and management system
  • Live Support

Our mobile application for drivers (users) offers next features:

  • Navigation system
  • Real-time parking overview
  • Real-time traffic overview
  • Real-time parking reservation option
  • Find my car feature
  • Different payment options
  • Management system for users
  • Live Support