.nanobile Governmental Smart Parking & Traffic Management System

nanobile Business to Government (B2G) solution is an IoT parking and traffic management system for modern and bustling cities.

Our goal is to help people and cities with the ever-growing parking problem. Traffic congestions, time-wasting, and air pollution are some of the aspects of this problem.

We provide the Internet of Things parking sensors, bollards, and barriers, as well as a state-of-the-art modern network built around gateways. All of this is connected by our software for both types of end-users - parking authorities and drivers.

nanobile B2G solution enables a real-time overview of traffic and parking usage by utilizing a network of sensor arrays, gateways, and phones used by drivers to locate parking.

Request our demo of the control dashboard and see for yourself how the nanobile B2G parking solution can help your parking become more streamlined and profitable.

Our client web solution offers features like:

  • Real-time Parking and Traffic overview
  • Payments and Users Insights
  • In-detail parking usage
  • In-detail revenue insights
  • In-detail traffic overview
  • CO2 air quality insights
  • Settings and management system
  • Live Support

Our mobile application for drivers (users) offers next features:

  • Navigation system
  • Real-time parking overview
  • Real-time traffic overview
  • Real-time parking reservation option
  • Find my car feature
  • Different payment options
  • Management system for users
  • Live Support