Regional CESA voting is now open!

Posted in blog, news on Oct 04, 2019

nanobile has been selected for the Regional Finals of Central European Startup Awards 2019! We have been selected the best Social Impact and the best Smart City Solution Startups from Serbia!


Central European Startup Awards

Posted in blog, news on Sep 17, 2019

Vote nanobile.‚Äč for Best National Startup in categories - Social Impact and Smart City Solutions!

We are happy to be part of #CentralEuropeanStartupAwards competition, and are happy to represent our idea further on!

Looking forward to finals! Hope to see you all in Budapest, Hungary!

Vote on the link below, and help us get there

Vote for .nanobile on GlobalStartupAwards CESA Region competition -

Best SmartCitySolution in Serbia!


Best #IoT #StartUp in Serbia https://lnkd.in/gPBAMsK

Best SocialImpact StartUp in Serbia


Thank you all in advance!


Future of Cities

Posted in blog on Aug 31, 2019

Worlds Situation

By 2050th, over 60% of world's population will live in cities. Due the development of urban areas and development of the technologies nowadays, Smart Cities are becoming common thing that people are interested in and are talking about.

USA - Smart City industry

We have prepared the list of Top Ten Smart Cities developing in the USA:

  1. New York, New York
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Chicago, Illinois
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Washington, DC
  8. Columbus, Ohio
  9. Los Angeles, California
  10. Atlanta, Georgia

What these cities have in common is tha...


Why should cities think more about parking problems?

Posted in blog on Jul 10, 2019

As urban communities seek to plan for quick populace development, and to make the most out of their framework, one of the main spots they may concentrate on is stopping. An expanding number of urban communities have begun to take out least leaving prerequisites for engineers, intending to build walkability and reduction vehicle reliance.

This pattern uncovers the issues with the existing framework. The need is to build up an exceedingly useful and effective stopping the executives arrangement that guarantees occupant fulfillment and uses the current parking garages and on-road stopping all th...


IoT is the Future

Posted in blog on Jul 09, 2019

The eventual fate of IoT can possibly be boundless. Advances to the modern web will be quickened through expanded system nimbleness, coordinated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ability to send, robotize, organize and secure various use cases at hyperscale. The potential isn't simply in empowering billions of gadgets all the while yet utilizing the colossal volumes of significant information which can computerize various business forms. As systems and IoT stages advance to beat these difficulties, through expanded limit and AI, specialist co-ops will edge besides into IT and web scale mark...


Tesla Fest 2019

Posted in blog, news on Jul 01, 2019

nanobile is invited to be part of Tesla Fest 2019. Tesla Fest is International Innovation Summit that is taking place on "SPENS" - Sport and Business Center of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Every year, the International Festival of Innovation, Knowledge and Creativity symbolically opens on October 12th - on the day Nikola Tesla expelled himself as one of his dearest in life because he then submitted his first patent application to the US Patent Office.

Within the festival, each year, over 500 individual inventors, young talents, students, entrepreneurs, schools, faculties, institutes and companies from th...


nanobile Enters First Round of Elite Best Tech Innovation Contest

Posted in blog, news on May 01, 2019

During the competition, .nanobile will receive training, mentorship and expert advice on how to implement and scale the product.

We are so excited to announce that we have been invited to participate in this year's Best Tech Innovation contest, funded by the Serbian Education, Science and Technological Development Ministry. As .nanobile solution will be implemented by city and state governments, this contest will help .nanobile deliver proof of concept. We are thrilled to get started disrupting parking as we know it.

The Best Tech Innovation contest aims to nurture the entrepreneurship and i...


Earth Day 2019

Posted in blog on Apr 22, 2019

nanobile ltd. | Earth Day 2019 | Internet of Things is here to help the Earth.


here to stay

Posted in blog on Feb 12, 2019

Greetings everyone!

Let me introduce the company .nanobile to all of you. We are an Internet of Things and Blockchain development company, based in Novi Sad - Serbia, and we are higly interested in changing the World. Yes, you have read it right, we are here to change at least 1% of the World or 1% of views about technology and innovations, but most importantly we are here to promote ecology and to try to save our planet Earth for future generations, as much as we can.

First, I would like to say, that I am really happy to work with young and motivated individuals that are part of our .nan...


nanobile is hiring!

Posted in jobs on Feb 11, 2019

.nanobile is hiring

We are looking for IoT (Internet of Things) Arduino and LoRa developer!


  • 2+ years experience in this field
  • advanced knowledge and understanding of LoRa network and network configurations
  • undestanding and knowledge of Arduino modules and sensors
  • advanced Arduino and LoRa coding is mandatory

.what do we offer:

  • possibility of full-time employment
  • work in startup enviroment
  • great young and friendly team

Location - Novi Sad, Serbia

send your CVs on office@nanobile.com or call +381695054030 for more information!