.nanobile is the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence hardware and software manufacturing and development company. Our main focus is on Smart Urban and Rural Clean-Tech solutions. We are located in Serbia, with offices in Novi Sad and Zrenjanin.

We, as a company, strive to minimize the number of problems caused by traffic and parking. How often have you been late to an important meeting or taking your child to school, just because you got stuck in traffic or couldn’t find a suitable parking spot?

Today’s urban life tends to be quite messy and not well organized because people are in a hurry and stressed, especially while driving. Being stuck in traffic and the inability to find a parking spot can also cause issues such as:

- Waste of money – It can cost a lot when it comes to gas
- Waste of time and energy – We lose our precious time, and it can be pretty tiresome
- And Air-pollution – That is causing a lot of deaths around the globe every year.

We have developed an integrated software and hardware solution that offers our users real-time parking and traffic overview along with an option to reserve a specific parking spot. Navigation and payment systems are included as well as some other additional features – all backed by sensors and bollards. Our application is available for Android and iOS, and it’s free of charge for drivers. On the other hand, the monthly subscription plan includes a web application made for clients.

What are the main benefits of our solution?

Firstly, we are making people's (drivers, users) lives more comfortable while at the same time offering them more time. Our solution will save them money, and they will have more reliability. As for clients (governments & businesses), we offer them better parking management, a positive social impact, and data for future urban planning. Most importantly, we're all together, lowering the CO2 emissions in our cities.

Why .nanobile?

We offer our users’ a real-time reservation option. As Clean-Tech focused company, we are using the high-end Eco-Friendly materials, to which we have exclusive rights of usage. These materials give us the ability to have low-cost production and circular economy in the production. Our mission is to make this solution affordable for all cities around the globe, with easy installation of our system we are making sure to be more efficient with implementations.

The road that we have traveled so far

Our journey has started at the end of 2018 with a simple idea. Currently, we are preparing for the first production and pilot implementations that we are planning to do in the third quarter of 2020. However, our first full implementation, if everything goes as planned, should be done at the end of this or the start of next year. Until now, we have been bootstrapping our company, and we are planning to raise the SEED round in the next couple of months to accelerate our business.

We are happy to be backed by many partners who are here to help us offer the best solution, to be on time, and to get faster to the market. Some of these partners include ORACLE, Digital Ocean, TEKTELIC, Huawei, IBM Watson, Telefonica, Bee smart city, Impact Hub Belgrade, etc.

.nanobile is also the awarded startup in categories such as Smart City and Social Impact. We have been awarded as Best Smart City Solution and Best Social Impact Startup in Serbia by CESAwards (2019), Best Smart City Solution in Serbia by World Summit Awards (2019), Leading Innovators in IoT Traffic Solutions by Wealth and Finance (2019) and Leading Innovators in IoT Traffic Solutions by CorporateLiveWire (2020).

COVID-19, what’s been happening in the past months?

The last few months were harsh on all of us, but our health is the most important aspect before anything else. As the company who didn’t reach the market yet, we can say that this is the first plus for us – we did not lose any revenue. We had to change our road map for three months regarding our plans for production and pilot plans. Even though this sounds like a downside, we’ve managed to turn it into a good thing and use the extra time to focus on further development and improvement of our solution.

We have attended many conferences – virtually, which would not be the case if the situation with the coronavirus didn’t happen. Some of these conferences include Wolves Summit, PODIM Conference, Techne Conference in Dubrovnik, and many more events. These events brought us new partners, new project ideas, as well as many exciting talks and meetings.

Even when the situation was difficult, we have managed to turn the tables around and make the most positive things out of it.

About our founder and the core team

Bogdan Ciric - CEO
Dragan Ilic - CTO

.nanobile was founded by Bogdan Ciric, and he holds the CEO position in the company. He has more than five years of experience in business development and management positions in the IT industry. He’s also the person behind the project idea, but as he said himself, the people who have turned his concept into reality are more important. Dragan Ilic is our CTO, and he has spent many years as lead developer on projects for multiple IT companies in Serbia. Silard Gal, the company's CR&DO, is a young but an internationally experienced hardware developer. Aleksandar Mastilovic, our COO, is an expert in Smart City, with years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry. He also currently holds the position of Director of Telecommunications in Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Silard Gal - CR&D
Aleksandar Mastilovic - COO

One last thing!

Would you like to save money and gain almost four days extra, while helping your city and Earth?
Join us on our journey. Thank you!

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